If you live in rented accommodation, the landlord has a legal responsibilitywhen it comes to gas safety. Landlords have specific duties for gas safety which includes having appliances, gas pipework, flues or chimneys checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

There are three specific duties for landlords to keep their tennants safe.

  • Annual Gas Safety Checks to ensure that any gas appliances and flues are safe for continued use. These checks must be carried out every twelve months by a Gas Safe engineer.
  • A Record of the Annual Gas Safety Check will include specific information and must be provided to the tennant within 28 days of the check being undertaken or to the tennants before they move in. The landlord must keep copies of the record for two years.
  • Maintenance Arrangements should normally involve a series of regular inspections and any necessary repairs. Gas appliances, gas pipework and flues or chimneys should be serviced in accordance to the manufacturers instructions but if these are notavailable, an annual service is recommended unless otherwise advised by a Gas Sfe engineer.